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Nickel's Pit BBQ Nickel's Pit BBQ in Watkins Glen. The sign is all PVC. Everything was cut on my CNC Router. The pig & Pit BBQ are digital prints applied over the PVC panels. They have a UV laminate on them.
Schuyler County Court Houses Schuyler County changed the name of the Court House in honor of past Judge William N. Ellison. The sign is aluminum with a flat white finish. Lettering is vinyl.
Review Express Painting on brick! Renovation of the Montour House in Montour Falls, NY required some old fasioned sign painting!
Review Express This B & B is located in Montour Falls, NY. The custom post & bracket was fabricated by BMS Manufacturing in Watkins Glen, NY. The sign is 3/4" thick solid PVC.double sided sign is for Plantasia Nursery in Spencer, NY. The 48" x 36" sign panel is 3/4" MDO Plywood with router cut 1/2" solid PVC letters and plants.
Review Express This double sided sign is for Plantasia Nursery in Spencer, NY. The 48" x 36" sign panel is 3/4" MDO Plywood with router cut 1/2" solid PVC letters and plants.
Corning, Inc. VanSkiver Motors in Watkins Glen ordered (2) 4' x 8' Aluminum signs for their building.
Corning, Inc. Bejo Seeds, Inc. in Geneva, NY needed a new road sign. The black acrylic letters were cut on my CNC router. Stud mounts were glued on the back side and aluminum studs were installed. Larry Orr helped with the installation which consisted of drilling many holes in the stone blocks.The hanging sign is 3/4" MDO signboard. The logo was cut from 1" PVC and painted. It was hung using alll Stainless Steel Hardware.
Corning, Inc. The Watkins Glen High School wanted the cinderblock wall at the Field House lettered. They wanted, "Welcome to the Seneca Nation". When asked for a qoute I said, "If you get the Advanced Art class to help I will do it as a donation." They did 90% of the painting! It was so much fun to work with them! As you can see, they did a fantastic job! We all signed the shaft of the spear!
Corning, Inc. Watkins Glen High School (the Seneca's) wanted a Hall of Fame record board to be placed in the new Fiel House. Working with the Watkins Glen Sports Booster Club, I came up with this design. The letters above the panels are Cast Aluminum with a Brushed finish. The aluminum panels are angled down so that are easily read from the floor.
Corning, Inc. This is a "Sandblasted" High Density Urethane sign. It is for Twin Tiers Dental, located in Elmira, NY.
Corning, Inc. Chris Wickham, owner of Glen Mountain Market, located on North Main St. in Watkins Glen, NY, wanted a new sidewalk sign. Here it is. The sign panel is 1/2" MDO signboard. The base I designed had a round, flat plate on the bottom. I sent the drawings to BMS Manufacturing Co., Inc., in Watkins Glen, NY. Working from drawings I sent Bill, the owner, he fabricated the base. The scrolls were Flame Cut from 3/4" steel plate. The base had to be heavy to prevent the sign from blowing over. Bill took my drawings and thought, "this isn't good enough". He took the drawing of the scrolls and enlarged three of them, welded them to the center pipe and made this base. It came out fantastic!
Vet Park This is an aluminum sign that was mounted between brick pillars. It is at the Veterans Memorial Park in Odessa, NY. It is a beautiful place. Inside the park is a huge, cast bronze Eagle. It is a masterpiece. The casting was done by an artist in Virginia.
Corning, Inc. This project was "challenging". Corning, Inc. has a Time Capsule at the entrance to their World Headquarters building in Corning, NY. It consists of a Granite base with a 5 foot diameter x 12" thick piece of perfectly clear glass top. In the center of the glass is a bronze ball. It is golded with 23 Karat Gold Leaf. I did a double gild to hide the seam lines. Then it was coated with three coats of Automotive Urethane Clear, sanded with 1,600 grit paper and buffed with polishing glaze. The ball was installed by Streeter Assoc. from Elmira, NY.
Northland This is a sign for Northland Cranberries in Dundee, NY. It is 20 feet long and 8 feet high. It is 1'4" Alumalite (two sheets of aluminum with a plastic core). Lettering is vinyl. The cranberries and leaves are hand painted.
rooster This 4' x 6' double sided sign is in Watkins Glen, NY
Buisch's Bullpen This double sided sign is in Montour Falls, NY. Lettering is Vinyl withhand painted shadow. The Pitcher is hand painted with enamels.
rooster This 4' x 8' MDO Signboard sign is at the beautiful Seneca Harbor Restaurant in Watkins Glen, NY.
rooster Steve Hughey and I are doing this wall graphic at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY for Bob Timmerman of Sunshine Signs. This is located in the new weight room on campus. This was a fun job. The layout was done by using a grid system. It is all handpainted.
The Shop This 4' x2' MDO Signboard sign is at the Seneca Market Building In Watkins Glen. The Shop is the Official Souvenir and Merchandise Outlet for Watkins Glen International. The letters and bolt heads are High Density Urethane.


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